Exciting Developments and Collaborative Possibilities

I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to provide you with some exciting updates and developments on my end. Since we last connected, I’ve embarked on a new journey in the music industry and established Ganjafesto Records, a record company that’s close to my heart.

Ganjafesto Records now proudly owns the publishing rights to all 30 Stonefellow songs, and I’m thrilled about the possibilities this partnership might bring. Our goal is to amplify the reach and impact of this incredible music, and I believe there’s potential for collaborative ventures that could benefit both our endeavors.

Additionally, I’m delighted to share that Ganjafesto Records has ventured into the digital realm with our streaming service, VP3.ME. This platform not only serves as a hub for music enthusiasts but also features monetized content feeds akin to OnlyFans, specifically tailored to musicians. It’s a groundbreaking opportunity to empower artists to connect with their audience and create a sustainable income stream.

In terms of new acts under Ganjafesto, I’m excited to introduce Stocktons Fire and Greenlander. Both bands are brimming with talent and unique musical perspectives, and I’m dedicated to nurturing their growth within the industry.

Given your esteemed label’s reputation and expertise, I wanted to explore potential ways in which we could collaborate or synergize our efforts. With Ganjafesto Records’ focus on artist empowerment, innovative streaming services, and a fresh roster of talent, I believe there could be exciting opportunities on the horizon.

I’m open to discussing any potential areas of collaboration or exploring how our respective strengths could complement each other. Your insights and guidance would be invaluable as Ganjafesto Records continues to shape its path within the music landscape.

Thank you for considering this update, and I look forward to the possibility of discussing our future endeavors further. If you’d like to explore this avenue or if you have any thoughts or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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